ESB invited the help of their marketing partners to engage stakeholders in outlining their vision and strategy for shaping the future of energy in Ireland. Key stakeholders include governmental, media, staff, customers and the different divisions within the ESB. The head of marketing was agnostic as to what channels or marketing solutions would be used.


We proposed a mobile exhibition that would be staged over two days in Dublin’s Merrion Square to demonstrate ESB’s future innovations, technologies and thinking. Although we were initially commissioned to design the exhibition itself, we ended up taking overall responsibility for the event creative and brand deployment across the project.


The interactive dome was a devised like a hybrid of the Eden project and the Science Gallery - designed to be as immersive and interactive as possible for guests. We designed and built the content, print materials, and each of physical elements including branding, personnel and the dome itself. Catapult distilled all information and suggested how and what to display at the event as well as developing a brand suite for the event itself. We built all content, print material, physical elements as well as all general production elements such as the Dome, internal fit out, branding and personnel.


This event brought together employees from across all parts of their business as well as members of the public to give real insight into the future of Energy and ESB leading the way within this. The event gave a platform for Paul Mulvaney, the Executive Director, Innovation, ESB to made a series of announcements at the event including: the launch of Metro Express, an exclusive high capacity Dark Fibre route in Dublin. The Metro Express is a business to business fibre product and a key piece of infrastructure which, in conjunction with theT50, will create the perfect fibre ring. This unique and superior network, buried deep underground, will increase protection for data center’s and their customers in the Dublin area.