Case Study: Chambers Of The Curious


Hendrick’s play the long game with a strategy of patience and inventive marketing. They nurture Hendrick’s and give it a real sense of identity. It inhabits a theatre of the absurd full of whimsy and steam-powered cocktail shakers. Whenever anybody goes to an event, one of the most difficult things you can do is give them that element of surprise. The challenge was to keep the best kept secret and use the element of surprise at every opportunity.


Having a good understanding of the brand, its aesthetic and key messages we worked to deliver a live experience that meet their key marketing objectives and create a fully immersive ultiroomed theatrical journey.


The Chambers of the Curious ran nightly for two weeks in The City Assembly House on South William St. We hosted two sessions each night, with 24 guests per session. Inside a series of rooms and chambers we built a fully immersive experience for guests. Including an Oculus Rift VR, EEG headbands that controlled conical flasks, and an ocular machine that read your reaction to images. We included another layer of real life stimulants, using items such as feathers, jelly and scent to create a fully 4D experience. In between experiences in the main space, guests were able to try an array of Hendrick’s cocktails.


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Ireland was recognized as the best executed event (which occurs all over the world) by the Global Team.