Case Study: Irish Start Up Wake


To promote the Irish capital Dublin as a destination for start-ups, technology companies and VCs, amongst the crowded platform at international tech events – in London, Berlin, Austin and Dublin.


We focused on showcasing Dublin as a city of creativity and inspiration, rather than just talk about our tech credentials. Collaborating with The Dublin Commissioner for Start-ups, the Ryan Academy and BeachHut PR, we developed an event that focused on learning from failure - The Irish StartUp Wake – ‘a wake for dead startups, their founders, fans and sympathisers’ was born.


By presenting failure in a uniquely Irish story-telling form, complete with theatrical funeral settings, the event attracted massive traction. The key as always was the content – finding high profile speakers to talk publicly about their failures. Venue sourcing, stage design and implementation was the easy part!


People were intrigued. Guests were moved to tears, on hearing the personal impact of failure. Lessons were shared and learnt. Every event was packed to capacity – in Austin 4,500 people rsvp’d for the venue which held 280 seats.The Next Web put it best, “City marketing can be tough at SXSW, as there’s so much happening and it’s hard to make a splash. But with humor, style, imagination and class – not to mention a uniquely Irish flavor – Dublin succeeded in appearing tech-savvy, internationally minded and most importantly, not afraid to take risks.”