This was our third outing with Future Lab and this pavillion is going from strength to strength. Future Lab is an interactive exhibition that forms part of the Festival of Speed in Goodwood. While the main event is primarily focused on motorsport, Future Lab searches for the best of new technologies, inventors and businesses focussing on future mobility, transport and science.


The objective was to create an exhibition that was an experience that was unlike anything else at the festival. Every participant was to be challenged to make their presence as engaging and interactive as possible.

Stanza Exhibition at Festival of Speed


The Future Lab is always located in the festival’s main walkway so we need to make a statement! In order to maximise visibility, generate interest and intrigue attendees, the pavilion was externally wrapped. This creative approach helped make sure black box stood out amongst the other live event activations at Festival of Speed.

The interior design motif was cubes and squares which combined with industrial interior materials and the use of backlit LED beams and structures, brought a cohesive feel to the overall pavilion. The design continued through the multiple layers of information available to attendees, allowing participants to engage with each exhibit on numerous levels. Collaboration and teamwork were paramount in delivering a new project within a tight deadline.


Future Lab going from strength to strength! Over 4 days, there were 27,000 attendees and sponsorships from companies including Samsung, Facebook, Sony + Siemens. Plus, 62% of admissions to the festival in 2018 were new customers and attendance was up by 85% in ticket sales vs 2017. Within the industry, Goodwood is now seen as thought leaders in new technology and the festival has since been invited to take part in a global new automotive technology event! At Catapult, we’re excited for our involvement in 2020.



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