Future Lab – Focus on the Exhibitors

Goodwood FOS Future Lab is an immersive technology experience. The space is carefully curated and produced to showcase 20 exhibitors and 4 partners to give attendees a hands-on, awe-inspiring look at the future.

Focus on the exhibitors

Presented by Goodwood and BP, it featured some of the most forward thinking companies in the world. Including:

  • Airbus – Mars Fetch Rover: ‘The slowest thing on Earth is the fastest thing on Mars’
  • Heatherwick Studio – Airo: ‘A car that cleans the air as it drives’
  • Arrow – SAM car: ‘Driven using just the motion of your hands’
  • BP / Emotiv – Scalextric controlled by brainwaves: ‘Measure and leverage data at scale’
  • EAV – eCargo bikes: ‘Engineered down from a van rather than up from a bike’
  • Einride – ‘The first full electric, totally autonomous transport vehicle to operate on a public road in the world’
  • ESA Earth Observation – ‘Taking the pulse of our planet from space’
  • Gravity Industries – Electric Jetpack: ‘Pioneering a new era in human flight’
  • Huawei – HADO: ‘The world’s first techno sport’
  • Luca – ‘A compact sporty EV made almost entirely from waste material’
  • Microlino – ‘The electric bubble car with space for 2 adults and 3 beer crates’
  • Motiv by Gordon Murray – ‘A compact, cost-effective quadricycle platform ready for any application’
  • Nawa Racer – The world’s first hybrid ultracapacitor: ‘a leader in innovative energy storage’
  • Nekton – ‘We have the potential to learn more about our oceans in the next 10 years than we have in the previous 10,000’
  • Nourished – Gummy life stack: ‘Personalised 3D printed vitamins’
  • Oxford Robotics Institute – ‘World leading, large scale mobile autonomy’
  • Pal-V – Both road and air capabilities: ‘The world’s first true flying car’
  • RACE – Remote robotic handling technologies: ‘Featuring Spot by Boston Dynamics’
  • Randox – Patented biochip technology: ‘The future of healthcare’
  • Small Robot Company – ‘Revolutionary AI controlled farming robots’
  • Starship – ‘The world’s leading provider of autonomous delivery services’
  • Triggo – Combines the benefit of cars and 2 wheelers: ‘Electric vehicle with unique variable chassis’
  • Ultraleap – Creating the 3D sensation of touch in mid-air: ‘Digital worlds that feel human’

FutureLab 2021 was once again curated by Lucy Johnston, designed and produced by Catapult.

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For further information on our experience with Future Lab read our case study and how we executed one of the UK’s first pilot projects.


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