Future Lab – The Pilot Process

We have just been part of one of the UK’s biggest pilot events – 42,000 people per day attended the Festival of Speed at Goodwood, Chichester last week. Running from Jul 8-11 and UK restrictions still in place, the event was part of the Events Research Programme (ERP).

So how did it work?

The event site is a huge outdoor area, and whilst the pilot scheme lifts Covid-19 restrictions, the event ran at a reduced capacity.

Every single person onsite had to show they were tested or vaccine.

All contractors had to demonstrate a negative Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test via the NHS app.

To gain entry, all attendees had to have proof of full vaccine or natural immunity or a negative LFD test via the NHS app.

Face masks worn at all indoor spaces such as cafes and shops, and social distancing in place. Maximum 6 people per table, with table service only.

From a design aspect across the site, key features such as seating, catering, bathrooms etc were all set up in smaller sections and spread over the entire estate to minimise crowds.

Catapult design and build FutureLab at FOS every year. To date it has been an enclosed pavilion (designed within an inch of its life!) with full use and control of the entire interior environment – from illuminated signage, to bespoke displays, lighting and even temperature control. This year, we opened it up, along both long sides of the pavilion, to allow airflow throughout, and to connect our outdoor content to the central hub which could now be seen and experienced from inside.

This had a direct impact on how we laid out the pavilion and presented each of the incredible companies who exhibited, allowing for sunshine and daylight (and rain!). This year we could see as well as hear Gravity Industries electric jetpack take off, while standing beside Airbus’ Mars Fetch Rover. Win win all round.

As we work to produce live and hybrid events in these challenging times – we ensure that every procedure is followed and implemented so we can all enjoy the experience of live events. 

It was great to be back on-site and in the field. Here’s to many more to come. 

For further information on Future Lab read our case study and our exhibitors post.

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