GOODWOOD FOS Future Lab 2021

FutureLab is the immersive technology experience at the Festival of Speed.

Since launching in 2017, Future Lab presented by BP has become recognised globally as a launchpad for international firsts playing host to some of the most innovative and forward-thinking visions of future technology.


Goodwood’s innovation pavilion is packed with dynamic, interactive technology to inspire everyone from industry enthusiasts to the next generation of scientists, inventors and explorers. 2021, is our 4th year working to create the Goodwood innovation pavilion – Future Lab. 

Each year the content for the space is carefully chosen to give attendees a hands-on look at future technology. And this year was no different. Our brief is to take the curated content and design a deeply engaging and interactive space for everyone to enjoy. The immersive technology experience gave guests an awe-inspiring look into the future. 


Presented by Goodwood and BP and curated by Lucy Johnston, FoS Future Lab was bigger than ever – showcasing dynamic, inspiring content for the next generation of scientists, inventors and explorers. 

It featured the Mars Fetch Rover by Airbus, autonomous truck control by Einride, Pal V’s flying car, Boston Dynamic’s Spot, Arrow’s SAM car (which can be driven using just the motion of your head) and Gravity’s Electric Jetpack – amongst many other companies displaying some of the best tech in the world.

As an official pilot event (Events Research Programme – ERP) there were strict procedures in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the attendees and staff. Key design changes this year were to remove the sides of the structure to create an outdoor space in line with the ERP guidelines. 

To date, Future Lab has been an enclosed pavilion (designed within an inch of its life!) with full use and control of the entire interior environment – from illuminated signage, to bespoke displays, lighting and even temperature control. This year, we opened it up, along both long sides of the pavilion, to allow airflow throughout, and to connect our outdoor content to the central hub which could now be seen and experienced from inside.

This had a direct impact on how we laid out the pavilion and presented each of the incredible companies who exhibited, allowing for sunshine and daylight (and rain!).

We were thrilled to be back on site doing a 3 week build in West Sussex, alongside contractors, stewards, crew, technicians, sponsors and clients. It felt great to be back.


This year’s Goodwood FoS Future Lab was 40% bigger and hosted 20 exhibitors and 4 partners. Over 4 days, there were 42,000 attendees per day and sponsorships from companies including Nekton, European Space Agency, Airbus, Gravity – jet pack, Trigo, Microlino, Starship, Motive, BP/Emotiv, Thomas Heaterwick design – Airocar, Ultraleap, Nourished, Einride, PalV, Small robot Company, RACE.

To say it was a success would be an understatement. It not only marked the return of global motoring festivals after C-19, but it also provided people with the opportunity to take a much-needed break in the company of outstanding exhibits.

Impact Through Experience

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Project Credits

Event date: 8th to 11th July 2021
Location: Goodwood Festival of Speed
Client: Goodwood Festival of Speed
Collaborators: Lucy Johnston

Catapult Team

Creative Producer: Mick Cullinan
Executive Production: Gar Hanley
Photographer: Amy Shore


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