Our offices in Dublin, LA + New York collaborated with clients and artists across the US to produce #ontheverge – 2 wondrous days of exhibits, entrepreneurs, innovators, curators, creators, talent, experiences, collaborations + performances.

Featuring Future Art, Experiences, Keynotes + Panels, Verge Talent and so much more. It was a fitting celebration of all things past present + future for the online publication that has been at the cutting edge of tech + culture for a decade.


“Weird stuff! The more imaginative we can get for this audience, the better’’ – this was the inspirational briefing we received from @verge for their 10th birthday party with 1,000 loyal fans in NYC.


On The Verge was the ultimate birthday celebration. It was a good couple of days, live in NYC with Vox Media. Planning, designing and producing this party took a huge and talented team from NYC to Dublin to San Francisco and LA. From live DJ performances and sensational artwork by Zach Lieberman, Mesple and Volvox Labs to big ideas from tech gods like Ben Schwerin, Paul Davison, Maya Watson, and Nick Weaver.

Not to mention the very talented creators Jacques Slade, Johnny Harris, Somehoodlum, and Yänjaa Wintersoul.


This celebration was special. We witnessed the past, present, and future of Verge. It was truly a unique experience to thank and throw down with their loyal fans.


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