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Helping the Dublin radio station make a splash with a fun family event in the city centre.

Create // Family Fun

Dublin’s 98FM’s Big Slide Home splashed onto the streets of Dublin in Summer 2017 with the first event of its kind in Ireland –a 260ft long inflatable waterslide street-takeover in Dublin’s city centre. Working with 98FM, Dublin City Council, and HB Ice Cream, Catapult designed and produced the free family event which took place in the shadow of the iconic Christchurch Cathedral across a full weekend in July.

Experience // Suds, Slides, Sunshine!

Residents of the Dublin 8 neighbourhood woke up to an unusual sight on 23rd July – overnight a busy city centre street had been transformed from traffic filled thoroughfare into a scene straight from a movie perfect water park.

Flags, bunting, tents, deckchairs and 98FM’s Thunderbus all surrounded the main attraction  – a 260ft. inflatable dual lane waterslide running from the top of Winetavern Street, down through the arch of Christchurch Cathedral and on towards the river Liffey at the base of the hill. The Mindshare Loop Room ensured the antics were captured on social media to escalate the thrills to a broader audience.

Impact // Making a Splash

Competing for radio listeners’ time is becoming more and more difficult, as audiences have increasing choice across multiple digital platforms. 98FM wanted to amplify their brand by helping people escape from the stress of everyday life. By reminding their target audience that they’re a fun, vibrant, and personable radio station that reaches every member of the family, the 98FM Big Slide Home increased engagement with a younger audience, while providing a strong visual impact for the brand in an iconic city centre location.

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Project Credits
  • Event date: 13/04/2018
  • Location: Dublin
  • Client: 98FM
Catapult Team
  • Production Manager : Barry O'Reilly
  • Production Manager : William Pidgeon
  • Event Control : Des O'Leary
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