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Brand Activation for Hendrick’s with William Grant & Co and Richmond Marketing

Because William Grant & Co, Richmond Marketing, and Catapult have piqued the curiosity of all who entered The Chambers of the Curious in previous years, Hendrick’s once again wanted to astound and delight fans of this most peculiar gin.  

In 2017, Hendrick’s suspended time itself around a palatial mansion in Dublin, creating T.I.M.E. The Illustrious Manor of Eminence. Within the manor walls was a perpetual evening of reverie to delight the senses of all who entered.

Create // Absurdity in Dublin

The brief challenged us to create an experiential event that inhabits that sense of the absurd in a Dublin City Center location and a unique venue. Hendrick’s play the long game with a strategy of patience and innovative marketing, allowing them to pioneer the super-premium gin category. As brand activation experts and gin lovers, we engineered a live event experience in line with Hendrick’s time-tested strategy.

It was our job to ensure that the event was even more awe-inspiring than the extremely successful Chambers of the Curious event from the previous year. This would set their brand activation goals in motion and help them continue to climb toward success.

One of the most imposing obstacles for any creative events agency is giving guests and attendees the element of surprise. Throughout the process, we were challenged with keeping the secret of the event in order to instil that sought-after element of surprise. It required a good understanding of the brand, its aesthetic, and core messaging. All of which was utilised by our team to create a live event marketing plan that met the brand objectives of Hendrick’s.

Experience // Dublin’s Best Kept Secret 

Guests were invited to attend T.I.M.E. The Illustrious Manor of Eminence, which ran nightly from Tuesday to Saturday in Tailor’s Hall on Dublin 8’s Back Lane. Two sessions were scheduled each night with 80 guests per session. In collaboration with Richmond Marketing, we designed, produced and built an entirely immersive and experiential event.

Because we worked to maintain the best-kept secret in Dublin, guests were enticed by the element of surprise the entire time.

It was an entirely immersive multi-roomed theatrical journey. The brand activation featured a silent cinema with live music, ad-lib performing actors, a ballroom with impromptu dancing, delicious delights, a theatre space outside, a bar, and most importantly, an array of Hendrick’s cocktails specially designed for the evening. There were four rooms including the main hall which allowed space for the final group experience. In between experiences, guests were encouraged to sample a variety of Hendrick’s cocktails.

Curiosity-seekers enjoyed many delightfully peculiar experiences, from feasting on strange and unexpected delicacies to partaking in an immersive theatrical event created to shatter cerebral illusions. Once guests explored their all of their senses, their curiosity now aroused, they convened in the main ballroom where entertainment and diversion abound, and the curiosity never ended.

Our team collaborated with some of Ireland’s live event marketing pioneers, including Collapsing Horse and The Domestic Godless, to bring the evening of astounding curiosity to life.

Impact // Bringing Cocktails to Life

Guests were fully engaged with the brand for 2.5 hours and left still wanting more rather than feeling overexposed.

Check these stats.
The digital impact for #CuriousHendricks
Total social reach: 447,426
Total earned media reach: 5,867,000
Total paid media reach: 4,333,250
Total reach: 10,647,676

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Project Credits
  • Event date: 13/04/2018
  • Location: Dublin
  • Client: Hendricks
Catapult Team
  • Creative Producer : Sarah Byrne
  • Production Assistant : Sinead Murphy
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