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An interactive pop-up to launch the Samsung S9 and S9+

To celebrate the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, Samsung opened Studio9 in Dublin. The immersive, interactive pop-up space gave guests the chance to experience key features of the new phone in a unique and fun way.

Samsung Studio9 was open to the public for four days. 

Create // Enticing Pop-Up 

The brief challenged our team to produce a brand activation event in the form of a fully interactive exhibit where visitors were given unique experiences that each showcased a different feature of the phone. Each exhibit was interactive, visually beautiful, and incredibly shareable.

Creative agency, Guns or Knives, brought our team onboard to produce the entire event based on their creative assets. Our brief was to design and produce a launch night to showcase the space to the various retailers, media, and social influencers.

Through creative brainstorming and collaboration with Guns or Knives, we brought their creative designs to fruition. Our tasks included event production and logistics, catering, talent management, health & safety, and lighting design.

Experience // Technology, Emojis and More

On arrival, guests were invited to exchange their phone for a Samsung Galaxy  S9 or S9 +. This ensured that guests had the product in hand for the entire experience. Plus, who wouldn’t want to exchange their phone for a new one? Don’t get too excited, guests weren’t able to take the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ home with them!

Studio9 was built in an unused bar and restaurant in Dublin’s Stephens Green. Promotional and brand ambassadors invited interested guests to the venue, which featured six bespoke rooms designed to highlight a feature of the phone. Guests practiced super-low light photography, slow-mo video capture, and the ability to create and play with their own emojis.

After the event, the images that they captured on the S9 were shared with them to enjoy and as a take-home. It was one of the first events that allowed users to experience the phone at their leisure.

The studio was open at the Old Dandelion Bar on Stephen’s Green from Thursday, March 22nd, and it was free for all to attend.  

Impact // Press Is Calling

An estimate of 9,000 pieces of media content were gathered post-event, produced entirely by guests of the experience. Guests shared their images and media on their various social platforms which generated a massive amount of free publicity for the Galaxy S9 and S9+.

Media coverage

The launch got some great media coverage from the activation.

In Campaign Live Adam Crane, executive creative director at Guns or Knives, said: “Samsung is constantly looking for ways to enable its consumers to defy their own limitations in search of new and exciting experiences. With a phone that’s better at creating content than ever before and a population creating more content than ever, there could only be one answer. Give people the best place to create content.

“We know that millennials seek experiences based on how ‘instagrammable’ they are, so to enter Studio 9 is to experience a space in which there’s a photo opportunity around every corner.”

The brand activation also appeared in Little Black Book and Dublin town

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Project Credits
  • Event date: 21/03/2018
  • Location: Dublin
  • Client: Samsung
Catapult Team
  • Production Manager : Paul Williams
  • Launch Night Production Manager : Sarah Byrne
  • Creative Producer : Mick Cullinan
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