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An internal communications conference embarked on a mission

Lidl wanted to hold a corporate event to communicate their new strategy, communications, and brand values to all their employees. The global grocery giant had embarked on a mission to change its service culture, reflecting their new motto: “We are Lidl.”

They needed to get 5,000 employees to the event over five days (so as not to affect general trade) from all parts of Ireland.  While they had a new company brand strategy locked down, its execution, launch location, and content were unsolved at pitch stage.

Create // We Are Lidl

The event had to press the reset button for Lidl Ireland.

Lidl had three key areas to consider for the conference – Company Brand (inward facing), Customer Services, and Lifestyle and Wellness.  The live experience needed to appeal to everyone who worked in Lidl– from floor staff to senior and C-Level teams– and ensure it covered the required content. With 1,000 employees arriving for the conference every day, it was paramount to deliver a memorable experience for each group.

Each area of the event had to have an impact on the employee’s behaviour, as it was a learning experience and training built into one massive conference.

Lidl hired us as their creative events agency to transform Dublin’s Citywest conference centre into a space that would wow attendees. The German discount supermarket chain changed strategy, and the entire event needed to capture that directional switch. It had to have logistical efficiency with a touch of Hollywood glamour.

Experience // Innovation and Creativity 

The team at Catapult designed an event space that broke sessions into groups of 500 people in the morning session and another 500 in the afternoon session. Then the 500 people allocated to a group for the afternoon – the blues, reds and yellows of Lidl’s corporate logo. Each group was sent off to differently themed parts of the conference, before rotating in turn until everybody had been through every minutely planned section.

They were then broken into further groups of 165 and brought to each of the themed areas.

Lifestyle and wellness featured guided tours of museum-style installations with crucial information. The installations were built using the latest interactive technology.

Each group started their event journey at the catering area. They were treated to breakfast or dinner. All produce was purchased from Lidl Ireland and prepped and cooked in-house by chefs.

Within each area of the event, every touch-point was designed to be as interactive as possible. For example, a game-show was created to inform staff about customer service (which included keypad voting and cheesy Game-show host), each session attendee was able to vote, interact and be part of the game show.

The first stop for the blue group was the “Work Safe, Live Well” area. Staff were brought to a series of safety and wellness demonstrations. All Lidl staff uniforms will also change from the beginning of October. New policies and training initiatives are also in train.

The second stop was a customer service session, delivered using the device of a mock, cheesy 1980s quiz show hosted by broadcaster Aidan Power.

The final section focused on reinforcing aspects of Lidl’s corporate culture, the launch of the #wearelidl hashtag.

They were then lead to the main stage where the Managing Director, the HR Director and other key people gave keynote speeches. These presentations were designed by Catapult to ensure all messaging was engaging and on brand.

The activity for the day was a group activity. Staff were brought back together to complete a domino challenge, before being ushered out and on to buses back home.

Impact // Delivering effectiveness and results

5000 delighted employees, 100% engagement across all verticals and a management team that was asked by Head office in Germany to brief other countries on how this type of event should be formatted going forward.

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Project Credits
  • Event date: 19/09/2016
  • Location: Dublin
  • Client: Lidl
Catapult Team
  • Producer at Large and Head of Technology: Garrett Hanley
  • Producer: Paul Williams
  • Production Manager: Sinead Murphy
  • Head of Innovation and Design: Mick Cullinan
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