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Mastercard Start Path Demo Day 

The Mastercard Start Path Demo Day took place in both Dubai and New York. The Mastercard Start Path Program is an award winning program for elite, later stage startups. The Startups pitch, interact with the founders, ask them questions and listen to keynote talks from industry experts. It’s held over two days in stunning venues around the world.  

CREATE // The Brief  

Catapult worked directly with Mastercard Startpath to create the series of events around the world. From concept to design, Catapult produced, management and delivered the event. We worked on the event identity, stage and set design, venue dressing, graphic design, keynote sourcing and the UX for the attendees.  

EXPERIENCE  // Content and Trial

Attendees got to see how the best in class fintechs are transforming the banking and commerce landscape, and how customers can benefit from collaborating with these startups.  

Informal content sessions were designed to dive deep into key elements of MasterCard’s business and region-specific insights provided by leading subject matter experts. The event format and flow facilitated a space for direct engagement with partners, future channels and new customers. 

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Project Credits
  • Location: New York City, Dubai
  • Client: Mastercard Start Path
Catapult Team
  • Production Manager : Gar Hanley
  • Creative Production: Steve O'Sullivan
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