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Bringing BLACK NYC from concept to reality

MATTE is a creative agency, focused on culture and content creation. On April 8th, 2017, they took over Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn to host their flagship BLACK NYC event. It was an immersive experience for those who had secured a ticket—bringing together artists like Bart Hess and Paolo Montiel, with DJs Max Cooper, Tale of Us, Tommy Genesis. Since then, it’s grown so large that they invited us to be their production partners.

Create // One-of-a-Kind Music Event 

Utilising our experience and knowledge of large-scale music events, we teamed up with MATTE to create a one of a kind music event that was talked about from Dublin to New York. Through immersive art installations, a maze of rooms and Tale of Us headlining the main stage, we created not only an unforgettable event, but a multidimensional atmosphere as well.

Experience // Music, Art, Culture, and More

At Catapult, we brought our vision to fruition by designing the production and operations plan. It was a big job but we were up for the challenge! We were responsible for all logistics, vendors, installation, operation and take down on site, and working with both the client and individual artists.

Impact // A Sell Out

The event was not only a hit but it completely sold out with over 3,500 attendees, partners, collaborators and guests engaged. Did we mention the event received over 500,000 social impressions and key sponsors are already on board for the next event?

As always, it was a pleasure collaborating with MATTE and we can’t wait to share what project we’re working on next with them. Here’s a hint: it’s a large event taking place on Governor’s Island.

Need a unique and impactful brand activation? Catapult can help! Why not get in touch and bounce some ideas off us?

Project Credits
  • Event date: 08/04/2017
  • Location: New York
  • Client: MATTE Projects
Catapult Team
  • Production Manager : Peter Lynch
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