UN Global Compact Leaders Summit: 20 Years of Uniting Business

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Create // What were we asked to do

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the annual United Nations Global Compact’s Leaders Summit. Catapult were asked to produce their first-ever virtual convening of global leaders. 

The challenge was to bring 23,000 business and sustainability leaders from 180+ countries together online – participating in their local time zones + languages. 

Experience //

The programme “chased the sun” in a 26 live stream that started in NYC, moved westwards across the globe from Australia, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and back to the US – all broadcast from our studio in NYC. With more than 20,000 companies and 3,000 non-business signatories and over 60 Global Compact Local Networks, it is the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world. 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Presidents of Botswana, Colombia, Costa Rica and Ethiopia joined the President of the UN General Assembly and UN Secretary-General alongside dozens of CEOs and UN chiefs, to address the private sector’s response to three unprecedented and interconnected global crises — health, inequality and climate change.

With an event of this size, Catapult was entrusted with specific elements such as full technical management, speaker advancing, technical rehearsals with the speakers, live studio production, digital content creation, live broadcast & stream management and the run of show. 


The Summit was bigger, better and more inclusive than ever, with attendance increasing from 10,000 to 23,000 people from across the world. Thank you to United Nations Global Compact, Hopin and of course everyone at Catapult for becoming such an incredible team and pulling this massive undertaking together in under 4 weeks. 

We were delighted that an Irish company was trusted to deliver the largest ever UN convening of global leaders on Health, Inequality + Climate Change. 

Catapult is currently preparing to support the UN General Assembly with the Global Compact team on September 21st – 24th 2020.

Project Credits
  • Event date: 18/07/2019
  • Location: Global
  • Client: United Nations Global Compact
Catapult Team
  • Creative Producer: Des O’Leary
  • Executive Production: Naomi Frew
  • Production Manager: Peter Lynch
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